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LadyBird Bracelet

Item: *14kGF B-215 {Exclusively 1 piece only}
Materials: 14k gold filled bracelet hook, 14k gold filled bracelet chain, waxed cotton (blue strap), acrylic triangle, rhodium leaf and ladybird
Length of Bracelet: 15cm - 17cm (free size)
Price: S$ 9.90

Bamboo Bee Hive Earrings

Item: *14kGF A-124
Materials: 14k gold filled earrings hook, 14k gold filled bamboo, gold plated bee hive, acrylic pink flower
Length of Earrings: 6cm
Price: S$ 15.90

Lover Birds Bracelet

Item: *14kGF B-214
Materials: 14k gold filled bracelet chain, high quality gold bracelet button, rhodium lover birds charm, polymerclay flowers
Length of Bracelet: 18cm
Price: S$ 15.90

Length of Bracelet

14f Gold Filled - White & Pink Necklace

Item: *14kGF C-315 Materials:
14k gold filled necklace chain, 14k gold filled charm, polymerclay flowers, gemstone coral beads
Length of Necklace: 40cm
Length of Charm: 3cm
Price: S$ 14.90
Length of Necklace:

A-123 Many leaves

Item: A-123 {Exclusively 1 piece only}

Materials: Rohium gold plated, glass crystal
Length: 10.5cm
Price: S$14.90

Strawberry Ring

Item: R-503
Materials: acrylic red beads, seashell heart shaped charm
Size: Adjustable
Price: S$ 16.90

14k Gold Filled - Alluring Peach Ear Stud

Item: *14kGF A-122
Materials: 14k gold filled ear studs, gold plated charm, Swarovski crystals
Length: 3.5cm
Price: S$15.90

14k Gold Filled - Peacock Craze Set

Items: *14kGF S-005
Materials: 14k gold-filled necklace chain, genuine peacock feathers, genuine brid feathers, gold plated necklace charm
Length of charm: 12cm x 11cm
Length of necklace: 75cm
Length of Necklace:

material: rhodium ring
Size of ring: Ajustable
Diameter of ring design: 2cm

Set Price: S$29.90

R-502 Ancient Egyptian Ring

Item: R-502
Material: Rohium ring
Size of ring: Adjustable
Diameter of ring design: 2cm

Price: S$8.90

14k Gold Filled - Crystal Earrings

Item: *14kGF A-121
Materials: 14k gold-filled earrings hook, crystals, polymerclay flowers
Length: 3.5cm
Price: S$14.90

14k Gold Filled - Dreamy Purple Set

Item: *14kGF S-004 {Exclusively 2 pieces only}

Materials: 14k gold-filled necklace chain. elastic purple lace, rhodium brid charm, purple Swarovski crystals, polymerclay flower
Length of Charm: 8cm
Length of Necklace: 75cm
Length of Necklace:

Materials: 14k gold-filled earring hooks, gemstone white coral beads, purple dics-shaped shells, elastic purple lace, polymerclay flower
Length: 4.5cm

Set Price: S$28

Purple Ocean Bracelet

Item: *14kGF C-215 {Exclusively 1 piece only}
Materials: 14k gold-filled bracelet chain, light brown polyester cord, 14k gold-filled bracelet hook, purple glass crystals, purple round shells (1.5cm in diameter)
Length: 18cm
Price: S$9
Length of Bracelet:

Pearl-fect pearl necklace & Precious Ring Set

Items: *14kGF C-312 & R-501
Necklace Materials: 14k gold-filled (necklace chain), Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Rhodium charms
Length: 50cm
Ring Materials: Gold plated ring, Coral pink Swarovski crystal
Size: Adjustable
Price: S$20

Length of Necklace:

14k Gold Filled - Flying High necklace

Item: *14kGF C-311
Materials: 14k gold-filled (necklace chain), gemstone coral beads, ceramic (birds)
Length: 100cm
Price: S$12

Length of Necklace:

Semi-Cuff bracelet

Item: B-213 {Exclusively 1 piece only}
Materials: gold plated semi-bracelet cuff, waxed cotton (blue strap), pseudo-suede (white strap), high quality gold plated bracelet hook
Length: 18cm
Price: S$19
Length of Bracelet:

14k Gold Filled - Painted earrings

Item: *14kGF A-119 {Exculsively 1 piece only}
Materials: 14k gold-filled (earrings hook), painted wood (earrings)
Length: 7cm
Price: S$7

14k Gold Filled - Tiny pink earrings

Item: *14kGF A-118
Materials: 14k gold filled (earrings hook & chain), pink Swarovski crystals with gold plated surgical steel lining
Length: 5cm
Price: S$9

Precious Heart Ring

Item: R-501
Material: Gold plated ring, Coral pink Swarovski crystal
Size: Adjustable
Price: S$4

Forest Buttons bracelet

Item: B-212 {Exculsively 1 piece}

Materials: 14k gold-filled (bracelet hook), metal & acrylic (buttons), wool (bracelet strap)
Length: 18cm
Price: S$19

2 knots bracelet

Item: B-211 {Exculsively 1 piece}
Materials: high quality braclet buckle, swarovski crystals, waxed cotton (multi-strand bracelet straps)
Length: 16cm
Price: S$13

14k Gold Filled - Chunky earrings

Item: *14kGF A-116
{Exclusively 1 piece only}
Material: 14k gold filled (earrings hook), marron tone acrylic beads, brown-purple beads with shimmer, grey metallic acrylic beads
Length: 9cm
Price: S$9

Marron tone Chunky earrings ideal for petite faces

Item: *14kGF A-115
{Exclusively 1 piece only}
Materials: 14k gold-filled (earrings hook), marron tone acrylic beads
Length: 5cm
Price: S$5

Metallic Grey Chunky earrings ideal for petite faces

Item: *14kGF A-114

Materials: 14k gold-filled (earrings hook), grey metallic coated beads

Length: 4cm

Price: S$6

14k Gold Filled - Bird nest Necklace

Item: *14kGF C-309

{Exclusively 1 piece only!}
Material: 14k gold filled (chain), gold plated rhodium (bird nest), glassbeads (fruits hanging on top of the nest), pink seashell with gold trimming (oval base of pendent)
Length of pendent: 4cm
Length of necklace chain: 60cm
Price: S$21
Length of Necklace:

L Bracelet

Item: B-209
Material: high quality gold bracelet buckle, acrylic (red & black squares), suede (black bracelet strap)
Length: 20cm
Price: S$19

Length of Bracelet:

14k Gold Filled - Deliciously blue Necklace

Item: 14kGF C-308
Material: 14k gold filled (necklace chain and hook), acrylic (blue base pendant), permanently gold colored copper (wire design), czech glass (square beads), rhodium (flower)
Length: 75cm + 5cm (pendant)
Price: S$22

Length of Necklace:

14k Gold Filled - Butterfly fantasy Bracelet

Item: *14kGF B-207 {Only 4 pieces}
Material: 14k gold filled (bracelet chain & hook), acrylic (pearls), glassbead (butterfly), rhodium (hollow leave shaped charms)
Length: 16cm
Price: S$21

Length of Bracelet:

14k Gold Filled - Who say leaves must grow straight Earrings

Item: *14kGF A-113
Material: 14k gold filled (earrings hooks & wire design), metal (leaves), czech glass (square beads), acrylic bead (pearl)
Length: 5.5cm
Price: S$22

14k Gold Filled - Little Red Riding Hood Earrings

Item: *14kGF A-112

Material: 14k Gold filled earring hook, glass bead, arylic pearl beads, metal (little red riding hood)

Length: 4cm & 4.5cm

Price: S$16

Lovely Pink Bracelet

Item: B204 (Selling Fast)
Material: rhodium (bracelet chain & hook), soft pink ribbon
Length: 20cm

Now: S$9 (10% off)
Usual Price: S$10

Length of Bracelet:

Fuji Apple & Green Apple

Item: B-202
(Selling Fast)
Material: rhodium (bracelet chain & pink charm), high quality gold (bracelet hook)
Length: 20cm
NOW: S$7 (12% off)

Usual Price: S$8

Length of Bracelet:

Item: B-203

Material: waxed cotton lace
Length: 20cm
Material: rhodium (green)
Price: S$8

Retro Orange Earrings

Item: A-101 (Last Pair!)

Material: metal (gold), plastic (orange)
Length: 14.5cm (left), 15cm (right)
Now: S$6 (30% off)

Usual Price: S$9

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